Hey there, I’m Belinda

About me

My life’s journey commenced about three decades ago. Along the way, I've honed in on unique skills and gathered diverse industry experience. I enjoy warm meals and occasionally put on the chef's hat. I sometimes dance to wonderful music, but I always move to the beat of my own drum.

Going the extra mile (literally) has proven to be a healthy habit. For me, health encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. The outside is a reflection of what goes on inside, and this has been a work in progress. Experimenting with what works for me and brings me closer to the balance I seek has helped me adopt healthier thoughts, habits, and friendships.

As much as I enjoy observing life and marvelling at the world around me, I also ponder and write down my thoughts. While surfing the waves of life, I feel alive doing what I do best—learning, creating, exploring, and growing—while I take in the inspiration and ask myself,

"What If Anything Were Possible?"

Creating my dream life

One day at a time, one dream after another