What If Anything Were Possible?

A simple question I've been asking myself before I start a new project or try something new.



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While weighing the ifs, buts, and all is critical, it is also important to leave room for opportunities. In a way, I'm conveying this to the Universe. "I'm ready! Let the magic begin!"

While this sounds amazing, it took a long time for me to summon the courage to ask myself this question before beginning any new endeavour. It's easy to get bogged down in the details, but where's the magic in that? Before my mind takes over and starts seeing things in black and white, I nudge myself to stay open to something bigger than what I can perceive.

"When our work meets opportunity, magic happens."

I understand how difficult it is to believe in something we cannot see. So, how about this?

  • Make a list of the pros and cons.

  • Place your bets on yourself.

  • Carry out the work.

  • And even if the answers do not come easily, seek assistance.

That belief in ourselves, followed by action, is all the impetus we need to move mountains, go over them, or go around them.

Many may perceive it as a risk, and cynicism may take a seat here. "What if we could work together to find solutions to some of the difficult questions and concerns raised? What if doubts become a breeding ground for thriving ideas? What if we are challenged to advance in ways we never imagined?" There are so many possibilities!

Would you bet on yourself?

I urge you to start small and give it a shot. Try something low-risk but significant, such as a project or task. Please do not invest all of your earnings in a single stock and wonder, "What if anything were possible?" This post is not intended to urge you to do that.

Instead, let's work on the most important project you'll ever work on—YOU.

Let's smash the glass ceiling! Let’s make room for ourselves to rise! Even if we fall, let’s believe in our ability to recover. You never know...

Anything Is Possible!