We Learn Through Pain

When I first heard this, I didn't like how it made me feel.



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My mind was immediately flooded with the thought, "Why should it hurt?" So I considered all the pain I needed to experience to grow in my relationships, career, and any other area of my life. I couldn't accept this thought and left the conversation with an uneasy feeling.

"Pain means some form of hurt, and who chooses that way of life?" was my knee-jerk reaction.

A few years down the road, I see this statement differently. Let me explain

In our relationships, we are going to experience ups and downs. Sometimes it feels like we are being put through hell, and yet at other times, it feels like a consequence of a choice. Sometimes we face difficult and painful situations, and other times we choose paths and endure pain for the greater goal. The goal could be to build a relationship or keep one from falling apart.

In either case, we grow, albeit to varying degrees.

The same holds for our professional lives. We may have to deal with challenging work situations, or we may choose a difficult and painful path. In either case, we try to persevere through adversity to achieve our goal and every other goal that is attached to it.

In our lives, we either stay on the path that has been assigned to us, choose another, or create one for ourselves. We may not achieve the goals that we set out to achieve. But there will be trials and tribulations that will shape us.

In retrospect, pain is something to learn from rather than avoid. When we are in pain, we should ask ourselves, "What is this pain trying to teach me?" Perhaps the solution lies at that pain point. Haven't the greatest inventions solved the most difficult problems? So, what solution are you working on?

What if you could change things? Would you be willing to put up with the discomfort?

Would you choose to grow through what you go through?