This Caught My Eye In Vietnam...

What’s the most memorable aspect of my trip to Vietnam?



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The short answer to this question is the country's beauty.

The natural beauty of the country is being preserved for good reason. Mother Nature takes all the credit for it. People, on the other hand, enjoy creating beauty with their hands.

The people are incredibly hardworking, and you can see them work themselves to the bone. Working hard is ingrained in the culture. Tourism provides them with multiple sources of income, and the competition to attract tourists can be fierce.

Everything is a work of art, from paintings to souvenirs, meals, shop decor, bridges, and so on. Creativity really blossoms when people put in the effort. And the standards they set for themselves are pretty high. Touring a local shop is like stepping into a pavement art museum.

Hoi An captured my senses. Walking the streets of Hoi An reminded me of Diwali (the Indian festival of lights) celebrations back home. The shops and streets were lit up. The joy of colourful lights accompanied by warm greetings, delicious food, and aromatic coffee is unbeatable.

The Bridge of Lights connects Ancient Town to Nguyen Hoang Island, where you’ll find the Hoi An Night Market. You must walk down the streets on either side of the bridge and possibly enter the bylanes to explore the city. If you fancy a short lantern boat ride, try it after sunset.

Life may be tough for the people, but they are trying their level best to make ends meet. And they do it all with grace, beauty, and a smile on their faces.