The Famous Ha Noi Train Street

Was the journey worth the hype?



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I waited a while to watch this train pass by. Mumbaikars may not be as fascinated to watch a train but there's more. Besides the train that went by in a jiffy, what's there to see on the famous Ha Noi Train Street in Vietnam?

Here's my take on it...

The street is sufficient for a train and the people that line up with their backs up against the wall on either side of the street.

Many households make a living because of this street. They've opened their space to play host to the eager audience. You can sip on the famous Vietnamese Coconut Coffee or a beverage of your choice and enjoy this picturesque street.

Creativity blooms on the walls of the shops in colours that appease the heart. If you decide to sit and wait for the train, the intricate beauty will keep you engaged for a bit. You can even buy a conical Vietnamese hat (non la) or a vibrant hand fan if you desire.

Why stop here?

Step onto the train track and take a selfie (when the track is not operational) You'll most likely take home a postcard-worthy photograph.

While the people try to persuade you to visit their shops, they don't entertain guests from competitors. And they can be pretty vocal about it. So something to remember.

I found that about an hour is more than enough time to explore this street. Tourists crowd the street around an hour to 45 minutes before the train is scheduled to pass by.

What did I love about it? The journey!

I didn't board the train, but the whole experience of waiting for the train while observing the people and the culture, sipping on the delicious Vietnamese coffee, can make one appreciate the simple joys of life.

I guess the Italians got it right when they said Dolce far niente (literally 'sweetness of doing nothing, sweet idleness').

Would you visit the Ha Noi Train Street?