Guiding Light

#Affirm: I am attracting empowering, honest and supportive mentors into my life now.πŸ’œ


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As a child, you probably had a teacher or coach who invested time and energy into you. I urge you to reflect on that experience. Did it impact your performance? Did it motivate you? How did you feel when you received that kind of support?

Now, even as an adult, you can receive that kind of professional growth through mentoring. You can seek a mentor in your professional journey or reach out to a trained person.

During your mentorship, plans are discussed with milestones and timelines, if required. The mentor will identify problems and guide the mentee to overcome the challenges. As a mentee, you will receive constructive feedback, support and encouragement from your mentor. You need to have an open mind, imbibe new skills and knowledge through your journey. The lines of communication will be open to discuss your thoughts and observations. Your mentor will facilitate your professional growth. However, achieving the end goal lies in your hands.

Mentoring can open a world of possibilities for you. From overcoming challenges in your professional life to your personal limitations to gaining a new perspective. Mentoring is enriching and truly a blessing. You can have one or more mentors in your lifetime. Sometimes you need a mentor to have faith in you. To show you how to believe in yourself. So if you have a mentor, you'll understand how wonderfully life-changing it can be. If you are yet to experience this. It is surely worth your investment.