Birthday At Halong Bay

I welcomed my birthday with a cruise through Halong Bay.



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The clouds grew dense and dark while I boarded the cruise. Showers of blessings were right around the corner. As I left the port, the shoreline grew smaller until it disappeared—the beautiful blue ocean, with its mesmerising beauty, locked eyes with mine.

One could watch the sea and experience its calming effects. I strolled on the deck, trying to soak in the beauty of the deep blue sea. The expansiveness of the ocean can make everything else seem small—even worries. There was room for only that, which stayed without resistance.

I sat on the deck, dangled my legs, and rested my chin on the sidebar. Exhaling everything waiting to be released, inhaling new energy. My senses grew stronger and remained calm. Listening to the wind’s cooing, gently singing a melody. The ocean moved while we made our way to the destination. The boats passed by with enthusiastic tourists, waving at us with wide smiles and greetings.

The sun hid behind the dark clouds, yet the warmth of experience filled the air. It felt right to just be. I travelled from one place and was heading to another, and all that mattered was the here & now. It felt like time stood still while I submerged in this wonderland.

As I gazed upon the soothing movements of the ocean, my nerves felt rested. It had been a while, I guess. City life has a way of glorifying restlessness and daily stresses. But none of that mattered at this point. I knew I could keep relaxing in this blue cocoon for a while.

My birthday was a rendezvous with the vast expanse of the ocean, which felt familiar. It awakened the depths within me. I had just come home, and that’s all that mattered.

Would you like to experience this mini-retreat?